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Additive Masterbatches

We offer superior quality Additive Masterbatches that are used in various plastic industry applications. These Additive Masterbatches are made available in varied range so as to ease the customer. These are made using best in line raw materials assuring their superior quality.

Range of Additive Masterbatches:

UV Stabilizer
All plastic products when exposed to heat, light and oxygen are subjected to degradation. This results in a loss in their useful mechanical and physical properties such as strength, colour, stability. This degradation process can be retarded by the addition of UV stabilized Masterbatch in the polymer mix.


Antioxidant Masterbatch
This Masterbatch, when incorporated protects reprocessed or recycled polyolefins from degradation during their processing. This allows blown and cast film processors to use more of the recycle without having adverse effects on the properties of the final product. Strength and appearance are not affected.

Antistatic Masterbatch
Addition of this Masterbatch eliminates problems associated with static charge in plastic products. It can be used in LD/LLDPE films, blow molded, injection molded and rotational molded articles.

Optical Brightener Masterbatch
This Masterbatch is added to increase the appearance of the finished product. It improves the aesthetic appeal of the product by eliminating discoloration, increasing the whiteness, brightness of the product.

Slip Masterbatch
This maserbatch is used to modify the surface properties in films/sheets and prevents them from sticking to each other. It reduces the frictional coefficient of the film surface.

Antiblock (AB) Masterbatch
This Masterbatch modifies surface properties of films and extruded sheets and prevents them from adhering to each other.


Plastic Processing Aid (PPA Masterbatch)

This Masterbatch is used to increase the processibility of the polymers. The major benefits are as follows :

  • Better bi-directional balance of properties when using a narrow die. In case of a narrow die, the film will be stretched in both directions equally and a better balance of properties will be obtained. Also, better clarity is obtained as the polymer cools faster.

  • Cooling parameters are reduced as the polymer can be processed at lower temperature. This facilitated the processing of heat sensitive polymers at lower temperatures.

  • Lower MFI resins can be used.

  • Power consumption will be reduced, as the back pressure, torque requirements are reduced. Increase of up to 40% in output has been observed in blown film line on some resins at equivalent die pressure.

  • Die build up and die drool are eliminated.


Antimicrobial Masterbatch
Hygiene is a major concern in today’s world. Antimicrobials are used to check the undesired growth of microorganisms. The company makes triclosan based antimicrobial masterbatch inhibiting the growth of Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria, mold and yeast. This product can be processed at temperatures >500 Degrees Celsius.


Silicone Masterbatch
Siloxane plastic additives have been used for years to improve lubricity and flow of thermoplastics. It imparts processing improvements and modified surface characteristics.

Rotofoaming Compound
This is a speciality foaming agent with the following properties:
  • White foam.
  • Direct dosage in final formulation
  • Uniform and fine cell structure.
  • Regulates water temperature.


Our Products are widely used in plastic industry in the following processes :

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